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Pictures: Lots for Sale
 Lot 5 left side
Lot 5 left side
Lot 5 straight ahead
Lot 5 right side
Lot 5, entrance to lot
Lot 5 ocean view
Lot 5 panorama
Lot 4 left side
Lot 4 ocean view
Lot 4 ocean view
Lot 4 lower pad view
Lot 4 lower pad view
Lot 4 ocean view
Lot 2 entrance to pad
Lot 2 pad
Lot 2 long view of pad
Lot 2 partial ocean view
road to lot 4
Entrance to Villas Over Flamingo
Neighbor on lot 6
Neighbors to the right
Neighbor on lot 7
Long view overlooking Villas Over Flamingo
Brick-paving road up from lot 4 and 5
The other neighbors!
Panoramic from road above
Panoramic view of sub-division
Brick-paved roadway to lots
Access to lots
Access to lower lots
Lot 4 in green season
Lot 4 pad
Long shot of lot 4 pad
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